Founding Attorney 

Attorney Brian C Williams was born and raised in Washington, DC. He graduated from Woodrow Wilson Sr. High School in 1990 and graduated from Hampton University in 1995 with a B.S. in Marine and Environmental Science. After many long talks with his father, Brian decided to change career paths and to study law. Although science will always influence his thinking, Brian realized quickly that he was born to be a lawyer. Brian graduated from Howard University Law School in 1998 and was sworn in as a lawyer in Maryland on December 17, 1998. Brian was sworn into the District of Columbia Bar on February 6, 2012. 

Brian was introduced to foreclosure defense and bankruptcy law working at a small Maryland law firm almost immediately after being sworn in as a lawyer. He was surprised by the amount of people who did not know that the law provided potential solutions to their debt problems. Especially regarding saving their homes from foreclosure. Helping clients at this firm ignited a resolve to devote his career to helping people with serious debt problems. After three short months working as an associate lawyer, Mr. Williams decided to open a solo practice. 

On July 5, 1999, the Law Offices of Brian C Williams was opened in Hyattsville, Maryland. Mr. Williams has continued his work in helping people and companies resolve serious debt problems. He has helped hundreds of clients save their homes, stop garnishments, avoid tax debt, stop repossessions, and/or restructure liabilities so that they can live without the stress of overwhelming debt. 

Mr. Williams learned immigration law in 1999 so that he could help a family member with his immigration situation. Brian handles spouse & employment visas, VAWA, citizenship, asylum and deportation/removal cases. Helping family has helped Brian understand the nuanced challenges and heartaches people go through on their path to citizenship. He understands the delays, rigidity in laws, and potential long separations that can be involved in the immigration process. 

Brian takes great pride in personalized representation and strives to make his clients comfortable during and even after his representation ends. He excels at ensuring that his clients' goals are met and that they are satisfied with the services that he provides.